Compuwerx Provides Schools and Universities with Single Solution to Accept and Manage all Electronic Payments

CompuWerx, a leading provider of payments solutions tailored for schools and universities, is now offering clients the ability to accept face-to-face payments using their mobile devices. The new Swipe ‘n Pay feature integrates with the CompuWerx system so that all payments are recorded and reconciled through a single platform.

“We found that many schools we work with currently had two solutions for payments which created accounting difficulties. They use the CompuWerx platform for online tuition payments and donations, and a separate solution for face-to-face payments for events and supplies, for example,” said Leah Packett, founder of CompuWerx. “By integrating card readers, schools can now eliminate the hassles of working with two different platforms and payment reports.”

The new Swipe ‘n Pay feature is being rolled out to existing CompuWerx schools throughout April. The card reader easily attaches to desktop or laptop computers via USB cord and captures payment data directly into CompuWerx software. Payments approved using the card reader appear in the School Administrator Dashboard along with other payments in real time.

“We’re thrilled that CompuWerx has added this great new feature to their services,” said Rosemary Murano, Bursar at Columbia College. “We love how easy the CompuWerx payment platform is to use and the new Swipe ’n Pay product will make accepting payments from our students even simpler.”

New Swipe ‘n Pay Technology:

  • Eliminates accounting difficulties that arise from reconciling two different platforms
  • Features a card reader that easily attaches to any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Captures all payment data in real time
  • Complies one unified report for all online and in-person transactions

Replace your current terminal with our Swipe ‘ Pay reader for no annual fee or PCI compliance fee, plus our low processing rates. Please contact us to learn more about how we can empower your school!