Security for Online Payment & Donation

The most critical factor for ensuring a successful electronic payment tool is transaction and information security. Compuwerx maintains all personal payment information in accordance with industry standard security regulations (PCI Compliance).

The PCI DSS applies to both merchants and merchant service providers involved with payment processing; in fact, any organization processing, storing or transmitting card data must be compliant with the PCI standard or risk losing its payment processing privileges. Non-compliance also means being audited and/or fined.

The PCI Security Standards Council, a consortium of credit card issuers—including Visa, MasterCard and American Express—oversees compliance with the standard, which stipulates 12 requirements in six categories: Build and Maintain a Secure Network, Protect Cardholder Data, Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program, Implement Strong Access Control Measures, Regularly Monitor and Test Networks, and Maintain an Information Security Policy.