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Getting Paid Easy and Fast

Online Payments

Get paid easy, fast and secure through your website for your business & organization.

Online Giving

Increase donation revenue by providing donors the convenience of secure online giving through organization’s website.

Offline Payment & Giving Solution

Compuwerx provides free products and help nonprofit organizations to increase donation and collection needs.

Compuwerx Giveback Program

Compuwerx will donate 10% of the profits back to your organization.

Accept Online Payments / Donations Right From Your Organization’s Website 

  • Increase Online Payments & Donations
  • Reduce Operational Costs and Labor
  • 24 Hours Funding
  • Eliminates Bad Checks / Payments
  • Flexible Payments with Credit Card / Debit Card and Echecks
  • E-invoicing with a “Pay Now” feature built directly into the emailed invoice
  • Auto Payments with One Time or Recurring Payments
  • Integrate with various accounting software
  • The Highest Security and PCI Compliance
  • Accept Payments Anywhere – Phone, Tablet, PC, Laptop

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 Since transitioning to CompuWerx, we are now able to offer our parents the option of paying tuition online via our school website.  The program was customized to follow our three payment schedules and the payment due dates.  As a result, I have saved a significant amount of time with the online tuition and fee payment using credit card, echecks via CompuWerx.  Our transactions were also reduced.  Additionally, CompuWerx has gone above and beyond my expectations and offers exceptional customer care.  I am looking forward to work with them in the future in a fundraising and online donations aspect for our school.

Linda Fregeau

Business Manager, Aurora Central Catholic Parish

Increase Giving / Donation Up to 35% For Schools, Churches and Non-Profits

Studies have shown that organization’s donations do increase by 5% – 35%.  People prefer making donations or payment bills with credit/bank card for the convenience, the rewards or cash back option offered by credit card companies.

  • Increase donation by accepting credit/debit card and echeck
  • Donation accepted anywhere – through phone, tablet, ipad, Laptop
  • Auto Donation – one time and recurring donations
  • Donations deposited within 24 hours
  • Easy and convenient for donors
  • Reduce cost and labor
  • The highest security and 100% PCI compliance

Orland Park Free Ecommerce Consultations


Please call at 708-234-9510 for a Free Demo


In this age of modern technology we are finding a demand for new and innovative ways to serve our congregations.  Many of our pastors are reporting an increase in giving and a rise in consistency of giving among those who are using Compuwerx’s Online Giving Program.  Compuwerx has wealth of experience and excellent reference,  the council and I have decided this is a good company for our region’s Online Giving needs.  CompuWerx comes highly recommended and has a very competitive rate and reliable Online Giving Program.”

Bishop Ron Martin

Administrative Bishop of Great Lakes Region, Church of God

Increase donation by accepting electronically one time or recurring giving 24/7

As Director of Development, I have been very satisfied with services provided by Compuwerx. Their secure, user friendly online giving services have provided our donors the opportunity to choose online giving options that include both onetime and recurred billing, enabling them to choose a giving level that best fits their personal circumstances.”

MaryAnne Bero,

Director of Development, St Joan of Arc Parish

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