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CompuWerx Tuition Payment System has proven to:

  1. Increase on-time payments by 60%
  2. Cost savings of up to 50% versus our competitors
  3. Increase cash flow by 100%
  4. Reduce delinquency rate by 10-25%

Cost Savings with No Contract – No Termination Fees, No Annual Fees, No PCI Compliance Fees; No Payment Plan Setup Fees, etc.

Time Savings – Monthly Auto Payments; Auto E-invoice, Auto Payment / Invoice reminder, Auto Email Receipts, Extensive Reports.

Four-part educational webinar series of Optimizing Cash Flow:  Ways to Increase On-time Payments & Decrease Delinquent Payments presented by Leah Packett of Compuwerx TuitionPay.  Each webinar will be 30 minutes with Q&A.

Part 1.  Six ways to increase on-time payments

Part 2.  Eight ways to increase student's adoption of payment plan with autopay.

Part 3.  Strategies for dealing with overdue accounts

Part 4.  Best security practices

Six Ways to Increase On-Time Payments (Paul Mitchell Schools, Pt. 1)

Eight Ways to Increase Student Adoption of Payment Plans (Paul Mitchell Schools, Pt. 2)

Strategies for Dealing with Overdue Accounts (Paul Mitchell Schools, Pt. 3)

Optimizing Cash Flow (AACS, Pt. 1)

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