Increase Online Giving for Schools, Churches, Nonprofits

Recurring Donations are the Lifeblood of Every Organization and the Key to Fundraising Success

Compuwerx helps non-profits to accept donations and fundraising online (accepts eCheck, debit card, Visa/Master card, American Express), securely and affordably. Whether your organization needs to accept donations, church giving or tithes, annual funds, registrations, sponsorship payments, membership fees, or sell tickets, books, CDs, DVDs or any other type of online transaction, Compuwerx is here for you

Compuwerx is a simple way to create dramatic increases to your organization’s bottom line while saving valuable time by utilizing software and technology to streamline processes that once had to be done manually.

We provide the following services for your organization:

  •   Customized online giving site/donation page for your organization
  •   Automatically send a receipt to both you and your donors
  •   Provide online access to all donor data
  •   Provide access to a virtual terminal for processing manual transactions
  •   We provide you with the best wholesale discount rate


Receiving funds within 24 hours

Cost Reduction and Increased Productivity

  • Significantly reduces labor costs (by 40-60 hours a month)
  • No more postage costs for donation statements/receipts
  • Saves time through automation of data entry, sending of statements, thank you letters, tracking of donations and eliminating trips to the bank to make deposits
  • Money is directly deposited into the bank account of your choice
  • No more security concerns about having to manually deposit checks

Budgeting is Easier

  • Delivers predictable revenue stream because funds can be automatically deducted on designated days
  • Immune to bad weather and vacations
  • Ensure ongoing donations

Increase Giving/Donations

  • Make it simple, convenient and secure for donors to donate online
  • Accept monthly automatically recurring donations
  • Accept various fund transfers – accept funds by debit card, credit card, check, online, over the phone, and by mail
  • Accept donations on your website 24/7
  • Allows you to accept donations from anywhere in the world
  • No more checks lost before getting deposited
  • It is 100% secure, all funds are wired into the bank account of your choice

Management of the Donations and Fundraising is Quick and Easy!

  • The database of your donors is stored online; can be accessed from anywhere – by multiple users at the same time!
  • Donors receive an automatic email receipt for each donation
  • An online view of daily and monthly donation summaries is provided
  • Many useful reports are available to you:
  1. Online tracking and management of all transactions – available any time
  2. Various reports supplying the data you need for your budgeting and decision making
  3. Email, download, and export all reports
  • The export of donor database into your accounting system is available
  • Administrators receive automatic email receipts for each donation
  • Donor receives an automatic email of donation receipt and thank you letter
  • User-friendly system interface
  • 24/7 customer service support

Please call us at 708-234-9510, we will be glad to help you to set up online giving/donations within two days.


As Director of Development, I have been very satisfied with services provided by Compuwerx. Their secure, user friendly online giving services have provided our donors the opportunity to choose online giving options that include both onetime and recurred billing, enabling them to choose a giving level that best fits their personal circumstances.”

MaryAnne Bero
Director of Development, St Joan of Arc High School