Online Payment Processing

Ensure Schools Accept Online Payments that are Timely & Secure

Guiding both parents and students through the registration process can take a lot of energy, organizational skills, and staff resources. For schools using paper forms or an outdated manual process, it can be a chaotic, time-consuming undertaking with a host of relevant details necessary to get students entered into the school’s system. Letting schools accept payments online for everything from simple to major activities, the process can become overwhelming.

Tips to Ensure Schools Accept Payments Online that are On Time, Accurate & Secure

  • Partner with A Reseller Program: It all starts with choosing the right reseller program for specific school needs. The reseller program offers a set of services and tools to the schools for supporting acceptance of online payments and verifies whether or not all students submitted fees on time. The reseller program enables schools to accept payments online so families can pay securely and with ease. Partnering with the reseller program also enables the service provider to earn income by providing customers a new online payment and donation solution. If you are an entrepreneur, founder or an organization who works with schools, the reseller program will encourage you with a unique and compelling proposition.
  • Ensure The Bank Account Receives Online Fees Directly From the Registration System: To accept payments online, schools should integrate their bank accounts directly with their registration system so that the fee transfer process will be conducted without any glitch. Also, schools can have a remittance report detailing fees collected.
  • Choose a Fee Collection System that can Capture a Wide Variety of Fees: Providers should be able to accept all of the different payment types a school needs to receive and properly distribute to accounts. Choosing the right platform to accept payments online for several dues is the smart choice for schools in 2017 and beyond.

Collecting fees doesn’t have to be a laborious task for administrative staff. Allowing schools to accept payments online is really an easy process to ensure all payments are accurate, timely, and secure.

Compuwerx’s reseller program enables schools and churches to provide you a new source of revenue and a distinct competitive advantage. Team up with Compuwerx by taking the reseller program into account and help schools in your locality accept payments online – an ideal way to save time and money for fee collection.