Paul Mitchell The School Raleigh

I love CompuWerx-it is a really easy way for me to make sure the tuition is being paid, even while we are online only...  While we were out due to Covid 19, we were able to move the application payment to online via CompuWerx and we were able to enroll 40 students while doing distance education only.

Chauntay G., Financial Aid Leader

Grand River Academy

I would highly recommend CompuWerx! Their system is easy for our parents and donors to use, I have very few questions to answer and their customer service is prompt and amazing. I would say 90% of our payments are made thru CompuWerx.

CompuWerx Online Payment System is easy for our parents to understand and maneuver. The biggest benefit is receiving payments faster with our parents getting onboard with online payments. They like the convenience and so do we.

CompuWerx customer service is amazing. I get answers immediately and the follow up is wonderful. No complaints, just praise for the customer service team.

Business Manager: Tammy S.

Marist High School

Since introducing Compuwerx and online tuition payments to our families the benefits have been: Less traffic in the finance office; Increased on-time payment with parents can make a onetime payment the day tuition is due, set up auto payments for the entire billing cycle, and families can log into their accounts and track payments.

Student Account: Kathy M.

Paul Mitchell the School - St. George

Compuwerx is easy to use for both us and our students! We love the convenience of knowing that payments will be ran on time and we are immediately sent receipt of payment with very minimal time spent on our end. Compuwerx customer service has been unmatched! Every time we have a question we are helped quickly and efficiently.

Kayley K., Co-Director

The Gateway Academy

I would highly recommend it to other schools simply because it can be tailored to the individual school's needs. There is a very professional, friendly team that is very east to reach and will help you with anything. The biggest benefits are easy and user friendly for both parents and the admin staff. There are separate sites for school payments vs donations. It is a nice touch.

Business Manager: John S.

Aurora Central Catholic High School

Since transitioning to CompuWerx, we are now able to offer our parents the option of paying tuition online via our school website. The program was customized to follow our three payment schedules and the payment due dates. As a result, I have saved a significant amount of time with the online tuition and fee payment using credit card, echecks via CompuWerx. Our transactions were also reduced. Additionally, CompuWerx has gone above and beyond my expectations and offers exceptional customer care. I am looking forward to work with them in the future in a fundraising and online donations aspect for our school.

Linda F., Business Manager

Church of God

In this age of modern technology we are finding a demand for new and innovative ways to serve our congregations. Many of our pastors are reporting an increase in giving and a rise in consistency of giving among those who are using Compuwerx’s Online Giving Program. Compuwerx has wealth of experience and excellent reference, the council and I have decided this is a good company for our region’s Online Giving needs. CompuWerx comes highly recommended and has a very competitive rate and reliable Online Giving Program.”

Bishop Ron M., Administrative Bishop of Great Lakes Region

Paul Mitchell The School Rexburg

I love how easy it is for our students to create and access their payment accounts, I can send over the link and they can pay on the spot! The customer support is impeccable! All we have to do is reach out and it is same-day service! I also love how customizable the site is, we were able to brand it to fit our style and needs! Very happy with the service provided!

Lilly B., Admissions/Financial Aid Leader 

Paul Mitchell The School Delaware

Compuwerx is a great tool to have for our School, it helps keep autopayments on track. The link on our page is great for future starts and our current future professionals.

Ashley W., Financial Aid Leader

Christ The Servant Catholic Church

It’s nice knowing you are always there with your wonderful, personalized service when we need you.

Corinne H., Business Manager

St. Joan of Arc Parish and School

As Director of Development, I have been very satisfied with the services provided by CompuWerx. Their secure, user friendly, online giving services have provided our donors the opportunity to choose online giving options that include both one-time and recurred billing, enabling them to choose a giving level that best fits their personal circumstances.

Mother McAuley Liberal Art High School

We had an extremely positive experience with the professionalism and dedicated service provided by CompuWerx. They have been responsive to all of our requests and were instrumental in the smooth transition. From a business standpoint, we are now able to offer an online payment option to our families, which not only improved our workflow efficiency, but also caused a significant reduction in our credit card processing fees. We look forward to continuing to work with CompuWerx to continue to maximize the benefits of what they provide us with.

Mary Kay O., Business Manager

Paul Mitchell the School - Arlington, Dallas, Denver, Miami, Roanoke, and San Antonio

I have been enjoying using Compuwerx, I like that we can search by name, amount of transaction and date. Compuwerx is very easy to navigate, I haven't had any difficulties with it.

Eugenia H., Student Accounts Bursar

Ursuline Academy

CompuWerx customer service – it is second to none – Mary Ann has been fantastic – never failing to help me with any question.

Leigh P., Assistant director of Finance & Human Resource

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