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Visit Compuwerx's Blog

Our blog is meant to keep schools up to date on trends, issues, and advice in online payments. Some of our top posts include:

  • How to Collect your Balance after a Student has Dropped Out, Part 1.
  • How to Collect your Balance when a Student is Still Enrolled, Part 2.
  • How Payment Plans can Benefit your Business Office
  • Is Your Website Donor-Friendly?

eBook: Mistakes Schools Can Avoid When Choosing an Online Payment Solution

View all Webinars:

  • Six Ways to Increase On-Time Payments
  • Eight Ways to Increase Student Adoption of Payment Plans
  • Strategies for Dealing with Overdue Accounts
  • Optimizing Cash Flow

View Instructional Videos

Our 'how-to' videos walk administrators and students through using our online payment software.

  • Student Online Payments Made Easy!
  • Autopayment Reports - Instructional Video
  • How to Use Transaction Reports
  • How to Make a Student Payment Online
  • eTerminal Payments for Admins
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