Six Cloud-based Tools School Administrators Should Use

In today’s environment of technology and innovation, it has never been easier to adopt school administration software to all simplify aspects of office work. Cloud-based software is stored on remote servers and accessed via the internet – as opposed traditional systems which are stored on a specific server in the office. The obvious advantage to this is that the tools are accessible from any computer rather than being tied to the physical location of your office, and secondly, that the data is safe from being destroyed.

With countless software systems in existence, it is also widely affordable for school administrators to implement these efficient and time-saving systems. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the choices though! Here are six proven, cloud-based tools that can maximize efficiency for your school office today.

Accounting Platforms

Manage online and in-person payments with Freshbooks, Quickbooks, or Rediker. All three platforms are compatible with CompuWerx’s payment system for easy import and integration. The right online accounting software should have customizability, accessible and helpful user support, and a user friendly interface and navigation. These solutions offer multiple levels of service at different price tiers—so you can buy the version that most closely fits your school’s size and needs. Mobile apps for these platforms allow you to access important student information at your fingertips.

Student Management

Our favorite student management software is Blackboard. Blackboard offers a learning system for course management. Teachers have the tools to manage content and personalize their courses and can foster communication in the form of discussion boards, chat, announcements, and email. Students can log on to Blackboard to view assignments, course content and media, calendars, and posted grades. In addition, this integrated solution allows your school to connect with parents through all devices, keeping them involved in their child’s education process.

Project Planning & Organization

Stay on top of school bulletin boards, manage lesson planning, track deadlines, and coordinate team projects and tasks with software like Trello and Asana. Each platform integrates with over 100 apps including Google Suite for a nearly unlimited access to organizational tools. Team members can seamlessly contribute, share, and view tasks and projects.