Increase Tuition Revenue

Bring Online Payments and Donations System to Your School Today!

Many people these days want the convenience of online payment options for school-related costs. Offering parents/students an online payment and donation system is truly another great way to market your school as an organization that really understands what their community wants and needs. Bringing this user-friendly online payment and donations system to your school can easily let the parents and students know the services and prices you have to offer them. With the  advancement of the internet age, if you are not taking advantage of the help of online payments and donations system; you are missing a lot of significant benefits.

Making Parents/Students Happy

The vast majority of parents/students across the nation want to be able to pay for school tuition, supplies and all other school related purchases with variety of payment methods such as credit card, debit card, echeck, bank account, etc. Making these types of payments available online under one roof permits them to pay bills, make donations, and buy supplies at any time of the day or night. Allowing automatic recurring payments shortens their to-do list, saving even more time for busy families. Keeping parents happy is one of the top concerns for most of the schools as content parents/students means fewer calls to the business office.

A Time Saving Process

When the entire process shifts to online payments, schools – as well as their staff – save a lot of time respectively. Piles of paperwork disappear in a minute when online payment and donations system get introduced to a school’s administration. The more departments of the school which join the online system, the more the time savings add up.Online payments and donations system also reduce the payment-chasing duties.

There are also many benefits of seeking help from an online payments and donations system these days such as greater insights, increased donations, and improved cashflow.

Compuwerx is today’s market leader in providing online payments and donations system for empowering schools to have complete control and maximum flexibility of the payment collection process. Obtain the system and get paid easy and fast!