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Tips to Improve your School’s Fundraising

Fundraising can always be tricky, but it’s always rewarding to see how much you have helped your school and students when you successfully complete a fundraising campaign. Whether you are selling tickets to a gala or other event or rolling out a pledge drive, here are our favorite tips to improve your fundraising efforts across the board!

Set a goal… and raise it – Step one in getting started is setting a goal! However, don’t be afraid of setting an ambitious goal. Setting lofty goals often inspires you to succeed… and for your donors to step up to the challenge! As donations start coming in, you may even want to raise the goal if it looks like you will easily meet it.

Use online fundraising tools – those who cannot purchase a ticket or attend your event can still contribute to your school’s cause with an online donation (or an additional donation after their ticket purchase.) An online link for giving and/or ticket sales allows your school families to easily share the information with their friends, networks, and on social media. Donors can also view the fundraising progress as the donations roll in! Plus, you might be surprised at how much total giving can increase with online giving.

Accept payments on the go – If you set up a table in your school lobby or outside of a sporting event, you can reach more people, but not everyone will be carrying cash with them. A portable, mobile credit card reader, such as our PayAnywhere 3-in-1 reader, offers customers three easy ways to pay: with their credit card chip (dip), credit card stripe (swipe), or NFC-enabled mobile device/contactless payment card (tap). The reader connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth for ultimate portability to accept payments anytime and anywhere and offers a variety of customization options for receipts, transaction reports, and inventory management.

Be personal in your fundraising – Of course you will want to post your event or fundraising campaign to the school’s website, but be sure to post it to your personal social media pages as well. Many people are happy to donate to a cause that you are passionate about, even if they are not affiliated with your organization. Don’t be afraid to talk to people in person about your organization and the good it is doing, and don’t forget that pictures equal a thousand words!

We want your school to have an enjoyable and stress-free fundraising experience! And of course, don’t forget to give a big thank you to everyone involved, your donors, fundraising team, students, and their families.