Online Tuition Management System

International Payments Made Easy!

What payment options do you offer your international students? Most likely one of your front office goals is to make tuition payments hassle-free for your students. However, international students can often fall through the cracks when it comes to education payment solutions.

Most schools choose to receive international payments via wire transfers. While this is not a bad option, there are certain risks and disadvantages. International wire transfers can be difficult to track and are often subject to significant bank fees.

Most importantly, they are susceptible to fraud and increase the risk of wire fraud, particularly if information is published on your school’s website. Additionally, phishing scams are not a risk to your school, but are a risk to your students. They take place when a scammer imitates your school and asks for payments, pretending to be your organization.

Fortunately, our school fee payment processing software has the ability to easily accept international payments and streamline the experience for both your accounting office and your students!

Offering an online option to collect payments for student activities is often a more convenient for International students than a wire transfer. Students choose to make a tuition payment with a debit card or credit card, and can set up the payment from any device 24/7.

Plus, our online tuition and fee payment system offers the perks of setting up recurring payments or paying through a payment plan. Students can log in to easily view their transaction history and upcoming payments all in one place.

Finally, instead of adding an extra step in processing wire transfers, our online system is fully integrated with the rest of the online tuition payments your school office processes!